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WinderFull Yarn Spool System

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Item: WinderFull Kit

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Item: Individual Spool

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Actual yarn color may vary based on your monitor or device.  Hand-dyed yarns may vary from skein to skein; consider alternating skeins on large projects.

The  WinderFull solves several problems by simply winding the yarn from the skein directly onto this ingenious, flexible spool that is affordable, convenient and very easy to use.

- eliminates tangled yarn balls 

- protects the yarn from dirt and debris

- spool conveniently tucks away in your knitting bag

- reusable 

The  WinderFull spool allows you to knit, crochet or weave directly from the spool. It will stand flat on the table or floor or rolls easily when placed in your favorite project bag.  Check out all the details and a video of this tool in action here.

By using any household power screwdriver or drill, together with your swift, just push the button and start winding, saving your arm strength for knitting or crocheting.  You can also place the spool onto your yarn winder and wind your yarn onto the spool.

Kit includes 2 spools, 1 adapter rod, 1 yarn bag and directions for use.  Additional spools are available individually.

Approximate Yardage per Yarn Weight

Regular Size Spools: Lace - 700 yards, Fingering - 500 yards, DK - 400 yards, Worsted - 250 yards, Chunky - 100 yards (Mini spools not available).

Instructions for use:

- set skein of yarn on swift

- place adapter onto screwdriver or drill

- slip spool onto the adapter 

(spool will also stretch to fit over your ball winder stem)

- secure yarn to spool (wrap around center a couple of times by hand to get started - the yarn will grip on the rubber band)

- start winding

- at completion of winding, the loose end can be tucked in against the webbing which prevents the yarn from unwinding.



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