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Hannah's Ideas in Wood Yarn Accessories

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Item: Pocket Mirror

Price:  $ 18.00 
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Item: iPhone Plus Stand

Price:  $ 34.00 
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Item: Yarn Tote Box

Price:  $ 102.00 
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Item: Mini Yarn Box

Price:  $ 82.00 
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Item: 7.5in Bench Box

Price:  $ 62.00 
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Item: 4in Bench Box

Price:  $ 42.00 
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Actual yarn color may vary based on your monitor or device.  Hand-dyed yarns may vary from skein to skein; consider alternating skeins on large projects.

A collection of beautiful wood tools for your knitting and crocheting enjoyment.  

Pocket Mirror - includes a small fabric bag and several etched designs.
iPhone Plus Stand - large enough to hold your smartphone or mini iPad.
Yarn Tote Box - a yarn bowl, needle gauge, and ruler in one!  Holds 2 full balls of yarn.
Mini Yarn Box - a yarn bowl, needle gauge, and ruler in one!  Holds 1 full ball of yarn.
Bench Box - 7.5 inches or 4 inches - 2 designs available for the small box, one design for the long box.  Great for tools and pencils (in the 7.5 in. box).

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